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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 21, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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frm a high speed chase through three counties in northern virginia. even when his car stopped, the
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driver wasn't done. dumpsters fill up at the georgetown waterfront tonight. as flooded businesses begin cancelling events that were planned for months. >> controversy over a professional athlete's paternity leave. >> we begin tonight with a tragic end to the month's long search for a teenaged girl who disappeared in maryland between christmas and new years. felicia barnes was just 16 years old, but already a senior in high school when she disappeared. her case garnered national attention in recent weeks, as efforts to find her intensifnte. jackie benson is live in baltimore with the ending that everyone had feared. jackie? >> the high profile missing persons case ended in the discovery of not one but two bodies. >> all of us, i don't think you're excluded, prayed for a different outcome to this case. >> reporter: felicia barnes of
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monroe, north carolina who went missing on december 28th on a visit to her sister's baltimore apartment was found dead in the susquehanna river about 30 miles from there. the teenagers body was found about 10:00 a.m. wednesday. the river was rougher than usual because of recent rain and several dam gates had been opened. the girl's body had suffered severe decomposition. an i.d. was made through a rose tattoo and dental records. no obvious signs of violence have been found. >> felicia barnes went missing on december 28th of last year. the medical examiner said it's not out of the realm of possibility that the body could have been in the water that long. >> reporter: less is known about the man found. he was located three to four miles downstream at about 2:00 p.m. he's a black man about 6'4"
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weighing 240 pounds. he also suffered significant decomposition. he has not been identified and his cause of death is unknown. barnes' disappearance led to large searches over the last few months. friends donated tens of thousands of dollars in reward money. investigators say the only connection between felicia barnes and the unidentified man right now, is that they were both found in the same river on the same day. jim and doreen, back to you. >> jackie, thank you. a driver led police on a high speed chase through three counties tonight. the chase started in fairfax county. the car was eventually stopped on route 29 south. but then the guy jumped out of the car and took off running. he was caught a few minutes later. early this afternoon, gunfire erupted in d.c.'s
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popular u street corridor. both victims were taken to the hospital, their injuries weren't life threatening. the gunfire also sent bullets into nearby apartments. >> my parents bought me lunch and a bullet came flying through my front window. >> how did you know what it was? >> i thought it was a kid that threw a baseball or something, but then i heard the aftershots. >> today's incident could be between rival neighborhood groups. the focus of a senate ethics inquiry, seeking to find out whether a forrer aide was paid to keep quiet about his extra marital affair with that aide's wife. he no longer wants to subject his family or constituents to the investigation. his resignation will be effective may third. three days after water from the potomac river flooded the
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georgetown waterfront a class action lawsuit's been filed. it kohls as businesses begin cancelling big money events. darcy spencer joins us live along the riverfront with more. darcie? >> there are very popular restaurants here along the riverfront. they've had to cancel hundreds of reservations for the upcoming easter weekend. one local couple is trying to find a new place for their rehearsal dinner, just three weeks before they say i do. their wedding is coming up, and they have plans for a rehearsal dinner at the farmer's and fisher's restaurant which was flooded on monday. they got the news today. >> the event was cancelled that we schedule for may 13 chblg. she was spending the day cancelling reservations for the next couple months. >> reporter: the couple had been watching the news all week, showing the devastation at the georgetown waterfront. they were hoping wouldn't ruin
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plans for their special night. >> when i saw the pictures on the news, i really didn't think before it. then i made the connection, yeah, that's where our rehearsal dinner is going to be, and started to think we would have to find a new venue. >> clean upcrews continue to work around the clock, getting property ready for businesses and own hes to return. dumpsters are being filled with debris, furniture, even alcohol. some helped themselves. >> we're looking forward to the harbor making everyone whole and bringing us to a point where we can open as soon as possible. >> a class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of the workers who losing bathes. mrp realty failed to raise the flood gates, causing the disaster. >> mrp, seemingly are new to the building, they just purchased it last year, and for reasons that are inexplicable. they failed to properly raise these gates. >> for some like alison and doug, finding a plan b has been
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a challenge. >> it's a hardship right now, but it's going to be an interesting memory down the road, i'm sure. >> mrp realty has continued to decline to comment about why the flood gates were not raised monday. some are expressing concern about mildew and mold in these very wet businesses. darcy spencer, news 4, doreen back to you. >> thank you. a metro station manager was arrested on the job today. 41-year-old ronald taylor was charged with neglect homicide. back in 2008 he was driving a metro bus when it collided with a taxi, killing a passenger and injuring that passenger's family. taylor was fired from metro, but rehired last year after union arbitration. he's since worked in nondriving positions. what's driving up the cost of gas nationwide?
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president obama says a new task force will investigate the role traders and speculators have played on the recent surge in prices at the pump. the national average has sored to $3.84 a gallon for regular unleaded. one economist says it could rise to $6 a gallon this summer. higher gas prices mean higher food costs, that's forcing mcdonald's to pass some of the burden on to customers. prices on its menu will increase throughout the year. the corporation says the increases will be small. they want to avoid losing customers over the price hikes. no specific details were given. ahead tonight on news 4, the uproar surrounding one proathletes decision to take paternity leave. >> anger and disbelief over an executive who resigned after a fire, gets a golden parachute. from college basketball to the right handman of the
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president. reggie love. it's a cool night out there, it's going to continue to cool down out there this evening. wait until you wake up tomorrow morning, two things you'll need as you step out the door. stay tuned for a special sneak preview of "the voice" coming up right avenues 4 at 11:00.
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the d.c. police department is investigating how charlie sheen was able to get a police escort to constitution hall this week. he posted a photo on twitter of what he said, and a police suv going 80 miles an hour while taking him to his show tuesday night. the government was reimbursed for the escort. meaning taxpayers didn't foot the phil. the department is still looking into who approved the escort. colby lewis missed a start last week to attend the birth of his daughter. baseball players are paid
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millions and should be able to schedule children in the offseason. the league now allows one to three days off for the birth of a child. national's shortstop ian desmond could be the second player to take leave. still to come on news 4,e go one on one with reggie love. from the spotlight of the final four to behind the scenes at the white house. and later, a party in the [ male announcer ] with the most branches and atms in the dc area, it's hard to miss a capital one bank.
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in 2001 he won the championship as a member of duke ace basketball team. tonight he's in the president's inner circle. >> i do believe reggie love may be one of the coolest guys in washington, d.c.. he's a lot of fun to hang out with. >> reggie love became special assistant the to the president, because he was working as an assistant the to then senator obama. and he wowed staffers with his organizational skills in the mailroom. as the president's right handmaning he has one of the busiest schedules around, but on and off the court, he's proven himself as a valuable guy who's always had a hand in the team's greater success. reggie love has transitioned from playing for mike krzyzevski to assisting one of the world's most powerful leaders, he makes
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life easier for president obama and sometimes that includes taking a little ribbing. >> some of you may know that my assistant reggie love used to play for coach k at duke. he played on the 2001 national championship team, and he was a team captain in 2005. in fact, reggie was so excited to see his old coach today, that i had to make him come out and run some sprint drills just to calm him down. >> how are their leadership styles similar, and what makes them different. >> they're very straight shooting loyal individuals. >> what's the toughest field back you've gotten from the president? >> i think that he made a comment to me about, you know, you were a representative of me. i'm working very hard all the time. you need to make sure that you're working as hard as i'm working. >> does he ever pull you aside and say, reggie what are you doing? >> there have been some times
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where he'll question me, some suit i'm wearing. i think i may have worn flip-flops on to the plane or something one day. he said, i'd be willing to bet that you're the first person to wear flip-flops on air force one. >> does that mean you don't do it again? >> i think that means you don't do it again. >> now, from presidential policy, to pickup games, he's the man keeping the commander in chief on track, and with whom the president unwinds. >> tell me about basketball in the white house. >> basketball was luck. >> got it. >> we played in iowa, on caucus day, a bunch of his friends from chicago had come down for the caucus day. since it was so close, we won in iowa. we went to hal ham, we didn't play, and i think someone was like, you guys didn't play basketball on election day? and from then onning we then played basketball on every single primary day from then on
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out. >> basketball wasn't responsible for the outcome, but it did give you some peace of mind like, all right, not only did you make all the phone calls you're supposed to make, did you raise as much much money as you could raise, did you also play basketball? >> the president at one point i know has said that you are the best athlete he's played with. do you feel any pressure to go easy on him, if you're in that situation? >> well, he said that before he played with lebron and dwyane wade. >> yes, that's true. >> no, no, no, i can't -- he's -- he would hold it against you if you took it easy on him. >> so the president recently said that he doesn't need an ipad to he keep up with technology because he has an ireggie. he did get an ipad, reggie told me. he has a lot of great insights, including what's more important to him winning a campaign or national championship. >> more to come.
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>> more to come. >> don't let up on the commander in chief. >> yes. >> don't go easy on him. he's competitive. >> thank you, lindsay. beautiful weather out there today, doug? >> yeah, it's gone now. i mean, that's it. >> that was quick. >> temperatures are cooling down in a big way. already 39 right now in frederick, maryland. it's cold out there now. a beautiful shot of the jefferson memorial outside right now. beautiful shot as we continue to look around the area. temperatures are falling all across the region. it's just gorgeous out there right now. 65 degrees, the high temperature today, we saw plenty of sunshine today. that did help the numbers a little bit. we are 21 degrees cooler than we were during the day yesterday. we are going to take another 20 degree dip from that temperature. 53 degrees, winds out of the north-northeast at 3 miles an hour. starting to see the clouds move in from the west. as i mentioned, 39 in frederick, 44 already in sterling. 48 in fredericksburg, we're going to see some of the coolest
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numbers in the last couple weeks this is not abnormal, we're not talking about any record temperatures it's going to be chilly, and you'll need the jacket as you step out. the clouds are trying to move in, and they'll be here by tomorrow morning, we'll take you through on future cast, through about 10:00, you can see the cloud cover making its way across the area. the rain holds off i think throughout the morning hours, and doesn't really start until the afternoon hours, by 5:00, just about everybody's seeing at least some rain. the heaviest rain to the west. i'm not expecting too much rain back here, but any rain could exacerbate any of the flooding we've seen over the past week or so, still some shower activity, maybe early on saturday. but then thins change again. a warm front comes through the area, that warm front moves right on to the north. that's going to allow things to warm up in time for the holiday weekend. temperatures tomorrow morning,
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cold, increasing clouds, a little breezy as well. tomorrow morning we will see those temperatures start to go up, but they're going to stop going up around the 10:00, 11:00 hour. once the clouds move in. highs between 49 and 56 degrees, with the rain developing. make sure you take your you will bell la with you as you are heading off to work saturday. temperatures rebound to 72 degrees. most of saturday will be cloudy, but i think we'll break out of the clouds late in the day on saturday. saturday evening looking very good. sunday easter, a 30% chance of showers in there. i think most of us will remain on the dry side. easter's looking good for those easter egg hunts. 80 degrees on monday as we move into next week, i think we stay warm, although there's a pretty good chance for a lot of rain next wednesday and thursday. >> the weekend is looking okay so far? >> most of it, especially saturday night into sunday. >> thank you, doug. >> what's in a new report that has one lawmaker saying the mark center was a manage take from the beginning?
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it's absolutely necessary for these guys, they had two days before they went up to new york, that's why they have some of that energy to get that comeback win. the capitals have not wrapped up a playoff series since 1998. that was the year they made it to the stanley cup finals. the caps have another chance to do it, with the inyesterdayible come from behind win last night. the capitals that come back from a three-goal deficit. that was the biggest of the season, and it provided a crushing blow to the rangers, that the capitals hope could
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benefit once they get the rangers on their home ice this saturday. jason talked today about how important it is to keep that intensity going. >> they're going to come up and play hard again. it's been a tight series, there have been really good. i mean, it's been back and forth, and, you know, they've worked extremely hard. i wouldn't expect anything different in game five. we have to come match it, if we match it, they're going to work hard again. >> jason said he didn't think he would have many messages, i believe that was probably very wrong. game five saturday right here on nbc. the nationals fell victim to phenomenal pitching in st. louis. the orioles did not do much better. they were done in by jim bakker. and closer to history, now needing just 19 home runs to tie
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sammy sosa for seventh place. a twin's lineup without four starters. jeremy guthrie wasn't at his best tonight. this guy was just on point. tomorrow may takes it over the fence in right centerfield. that would give the twins a 1-0 lead. guthrie went seven innings, gave up two runs, but hit two batters. ahead to the bottom of the ninth, robert andino at the plate, former matt caps gets him swinging. they fall 3-1. it took just one mistake by the nationals to quickly fall behind. they were trying to get something going today. tom gorzalani facing matt holiday. over the wall in left field for the 2-0 cardinals lead. bottom of the 8th we go, albert pujols gives the cardinals some
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insurance runs, knocks the pitch into the stands in left field. pujols fifth homer of the season. the nationals only managed two hits. they face the pirates in pittsburgh tomorrow, maybe things will get a little easier. d.c. united was trying to make it four straight wins tonight. the new york red bulls are good. they're so good, that they shut out the black and red for the first time this season. d.c. united falls 4-0 as new york moves into first place in the eastern conference. we're downtown. here he is, ben olson, got to believe he would love to suit up tonight. 11 minutes in. the ball to jon soli. gets to henri with the cross. the beautiful header, gets it in. what an assist. gives the red bulls a 1-0 lead. henri had two goals tonight. we move ahead to the 75th minute. united is down 2-0. they feed it ahead to joel.
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he gets the defender to miss, and the goalie as well. and the goalie as well. red bull[ horns honking ] [ whistle blows ] [ male announcer ] can the network you live on handle the computers, tvs and technology you can't live without?
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announced he's stepping down. months after this massive gas explosion in a san francisco suburb. despite that, he will get a $35 million retirement deal. the ntsb is still working to determine the cause of that deadly blast. some local leaders may take legal action to keep the defense department from moving thousands of workers in alexandria. the army understatemented the impact the move will have on
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last night celebrations raged in the streets of madrid after real madrid captured a prestigious trophy. during the celebration, one of the players on the team dropped the cup. it fell in front of the bus the players were on, and the bus ran over it. it was ugly. enthe video lives on.


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